Update regarding service delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Back on March 13, we offered our plan for prioritizing service and project work during the course of the pandemic. While national statistics may differ, Massachusetts has seen a steady 74% reduction in the 3 Day Average of the number of COVID-19 patients in hospital between May 24 and June 22. As a result, the commonwealth has moved to Phase II, Step 2 of reopening, meaning more and more Suite3 clients are starting to resume at least partial regular business activities.

As an essential business, Suite3 has maintained business operations and remains fully staffed to meet the needs of our clients. With project work limited to those which either facilitate remote access for our clients, can be conducted 100% remotely, or were required by essential business clients, we’ve limited our on-site exposure as best as we could to date. However, with additional businesses reopening, the need for on-site services is growing, which is going to increase exposure risks to our staff.

Therefore, we are trying to limit on-site service days per technician to a maximum of three days per week. As a result, those resources that are regularly in the field full-time are available for field work in a reduced capacity. However, with a reduced workload due to the staggered reopening schedule of our clients, we are finding we are maintaining or exceeding our usual project scheduling lead times.

The safety of our employees and our clients is our primary concern. All employees have been equipped with multiple Suite3-branded masks and medical-grade hand sanitizer. We support all communicated social-distancing guidelines, and our employees are encouraged to follow them at all times. Similar to our dress code which states we are to follow the dress code of the client for whom a resource is scheduled to visit on-site, we have asked our employees to follow any safety protocols requested by our clients as well. Some clients still limit access to facilities by 3rd party vendors, while others are somewhat looser in their social distancing practices. We attempt to assimilate to the culture of the client while also maintaining safety for all to the best of our ability.

This continues to be a moving target, but we remain committed to empower our clients through technology during this turbulent time. Have a plan, stick to the plan, keep calm, and compute on.