Upgrades are coming your way!

From time-to-time, clients running our managed services benefit from the upgrade of those platforms at no additional cost to their on-going subscription. For example, we are mid-stream in a client-wide upgrade project to a new, advanced version of our ManageSuite Managed Antivirus platform, powered by eSet.

We are about half-way through our client base in the migration process, and the transition has been so smooth, many clients didn’t notice an upgrade had occurred at all. In a limited number of cases following upgrade, end users reported the eSet status on their systems indicated that either the definitions or license status was reporting as out of date, often accompanied by the recommendation that “a restart is recommended”. In nearly all cases, a simple reboot completes the upgrade cycle, and no technical intervention is required.

The new version provides for more advanced threat protection and management, as well as improved compatibility with newer releases of server and desktop operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and recent builds of Microsoft Windows 10.

In addition, the new version will allow for more advanced and standardized reporting. We have select clients serving as the beta for the reporting out of the new version, and we are working to complete all migrations and turn AV reporting on for all clients by February 1, 2019.