What the heck is a SmartNet?

Now and again, you may receive a quote from Innovative to renew manufacturer’s support or a software subscription, and you’re wondering what exactly these SmartNets, CarePacks, and SSL certificates are all about.  Actually, these renewals are quite important; they are to keep the support and/or subscription active for integral items in your environment that were installed previously.  Often times, if the subscription is allowed to lapse, there can be issues within your environment – for example, if the antivirus is not renewed in time, protection will not continue, and your network is vulnerable to viruses and other malware.

The following is a brief list of our most common renewals:

Fortinet Fortigate Support – This is support for all Fortinet Firewalls.  It allows for hardware replacement, tech support, and content filtering.  These are typically renewed annually.

ESET Antivirus – This is anti-virus protection for PCs and servers, and it usually renewed annually, when not included as part of an Innovative service agreement.

Zix for Email Encryption – This will be either a subscription renewal, or an annual installment of a multi-year agreement.

Cisco SmartNet – This is support (product warranty and firmware updates) for all Cisco firewalls, switches, or similar devices.  These are typically renewed annually.

SNS for VMware – This is Subscription and Support (SNS) for all VMware licenses, including access to tech support and product updates.  This is typically renewed annually.

Post Warranty CarePack for HP Server and SAN Units – This provides tech support, defective part replacement, and firmware updates for HP hardware.  With new equipment typically covered by an initial 3-year term, this is typically quoted on an annual basis thereafter.

SSL Certificate – There are two types, single domain (typically used for Citrix or another remote access solution) and multi domain (used for Microsoft Exchange).  They are usually renewed every three years.

Storagecraft Shadowprotect – This is backup software for servers and PCs.  A current support contract allows for access to tech support, and program updates.  These are necessary for solutions other than our Backup and Recovery Solution (IBS BRS2.0) where updates are included as part of the managed solution.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me for clarification.

— Seth Fleischmann