What the heck is InfoSec?

InfoSec, short for Information Security, isn’t the same thing as Information Technology, but it can be thought of as the flip side of the same coin.

Information Technology (IT) deals with deploying and supporting the use of technology that facilitates the running and growth of a business.

Information Security (InfoSec) deals with security-related issues and ensures that technology is as secure and protected from possible incidents and attacks as possible.

IT helps businesses run – InfoSec keeps it running securely.

For years, we’ve been thought of primarily as an outsourced IT provider, often referred to as an “MSP” or Managed Services Provider. However, many of our services and much of our attention really falls under the InfoSec umbrella, and many of our services are defined as those of an “MSSP”, or Managed Security Services Provider.

As discussed in our Security Awareness Training sessions, there are three pillars of IT security – Technical, Physical, and Administrative controls. As we embark into a new decade, we must also embrace a new computing paradigm – IT alone is not enough. Without InfoSec, IT can no longer solely facilitate running and growing businesses.

As a result, Suite3 is further expanding our InfoSec offerings. Keep an eye out for more information and further discussions regarding additional Technical, Physical, and Administrative controls necessary to keep your business running securely.