Will Work-From-Home (WFH) become Work-From-Anywhere (WFA)?

We had a surprising but interesting interaction with a long-time client recently.  This client had never wanted remote access for anyone, not to the desktop, server, or even a VPN and similarly, they were leery of any company data that may be put in the “cloud”.   Recently, one of their executives wanted to talk.

Paraphrasing – “Thank you for setting us up to work remotely, from nothing to everyone working very successfully.  We were actually even more productive and discovered that it works much better than we could ever imagine.  Our people are getting to spend more time with their kids, everyone saved time by not commuting to the office.  It just worked. When our lease is up, we may not renew the same space or maybe no space.”

We knew the world changed in early March. We had clients who had never wanted remote access asking how quickly we could mobilize their workforce. However, we assumed many clients would go back to their old ways of working once the stay-at-home orders subside. However, “the new normal” may end up being that Work-From-Home (WFH) during the pandemic turns into Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) hereafter.