No more lost data

Preventing data loss by protecting digital assets is crucial for any business. We’ve got you covered.

An effective data protection plan isn’t just a safeguard against digital risks like viruses or a hardware crash: fire, loss of power, flooding or other water damage, even theft pose definite threats to your data. Working together to plan ahead is how Suite3 clients keep moving forward mitigating risks of significant data challenges or loss.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your operation will be supported by on-site hardware that takes a snapshot of your data every 15 minutes. These allow for easy recovery in routine situations like a temporary power loss; it can also function as a virtual server in a more serious outage.

Email Sanitization & Continuity

Comprehensive email protection from spam and email intrusions, plus up to five days of redundancy should a production email server go offline.

Email Encryption & Archiving

Automatic or user-directed encryption of email communications, avoiding personal data from being viewed by unauthorized parties.

For you to feel truly comfortable that you've taken the right steps to keep your assets safe, there's a lot of details to talk through. We're ready for that conversation whenever you are.