Secure, Safe, Simple

The compliance standards for data security in the medical and financial sectors are especially rigorous, but securing IT environments at the perimeter is a demanding task for any business. How we secure it can set you apart.

The importance of keeping data secure has never been more apparent. At Suite3, we’ll take the time to understand exactly how that applies to your business as well as your industry sector as a whole. So even if you aren’t 100% clear on the technical details, we’re ready to talk to you.

Managed Firewall/Wireless

In addition to ensuring you remain in compliance with standards such as PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, or ITAR, you can free your internal resources from the perpetual tasks associated with maintaining your firewall and perimeter security.

ZeroTrust Application Whitelisting

Not all applications are trust-worthy, so Suite3 ZeroTrust provides the gold standard in protecting against ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software, allowing your business to just keep working.

ThreatHunter Managed Detection & Response

Effectively hunting attackers and rooting them out demands a new approach. Suite3 ThreatHunter leverages innovative tactics to pursue and challenge these threats, turning the hunters into the hunted.

Centralized Encryption

Keeping data secure when people and files work remotely or move between locations can be complex. We support not only your hardware but also your internal processes so that security doesn't hold back productivity.

Multi-Factor Authentication

To protect critical business information, a password alone doesn't do enough. Suite3 will work with you to identify the best identity access options for your specific personnel and assets.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Should a security incident occur, our SIEM solution allows for alerting for expedited response as well as reporting of the forensics of exactly what happened, and how.

For you to feel truly comfortable that you've taken the right steps to keep your assets safe, there's a lot of details to talk through. We're ready for that conversation whenever you are.