Supporting businesses, not just technology

If your business has dedicated IT staff, Suite3 can be a scalable resource to help them focus where they’re needed most. For other businesses, we fulfill that department’s role.

Your organization actively seeks ongoing success. We look at support services in a similar way: we aren’t doing our job if we just wait for something to happen. Suite3 can help guide you through important decisions like cloud versus local hosting, configuring your infrastructure, and the right level of support.

Service Agreements

Whether you opt for a complete, modular, or project-based agreement, we'll work with you in the way that best aligns with your company's resources and goals. Tell us what works best for you: we've got you covered.

Project Implementation

An improvement or upgrade in one part of your system can cause problems in others. From assessing compatibility to data conversion to help with processes or training, we'll take the bumps out of the road.

Staff Augmentation

Incorporating our resources and expertise gives you the flexibility to undertake vital projects without over-taxing your current IT staff or missing deadline or budget goals.

Hosted Solutions

We can host your data in our fully secure SSAE 16, SOC1, and SOC2 Data Center. (If you aren't sure what that means, we'll translate: your files are in Fort Knox.) If you have an established relationship with a third party data center, we can deliver a fully compatible on-site solution.

Servers and routers and workstations are mass produced, but every business relies on them according to their individual needs. We're ready to answer your questions: let's talk.