The following is a list of web-based training modules produced by Suite3 for the benefit of our clients. Please feel free to share access to this page with anyone within your organization.

Security Awareness Training – 2022 Update

This 35-minute update reinforces key info from 2021 while updating trends as we head into 2022 in both security and IT budgeting

Security Awareness Training – 2021 Full Playlist

This 10-part playlist provides a comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Training overview for users at all levels of any small-to-mid-size business

What executives need to know about cybersecurity

In what could be the most important 15 minutes an executive will spend thinking about IT this year, Suite3 President Dave DelVecchio provides a brief summary of the key considerations all executives need to understand regarding the risks cybersecurity poses to their organizations, and their family!

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

For many organizations, Microsoft 365 adoption began with an email migration from on-premise Exchange servers to hosted email. However, as Work From Home (WFH) and Work From Anywhere (WFA) become more widely adopted, Microsoft Teams has become the hub for communication and collaboration for distributed workforces. In this series, Suite3 President Dave DelVecchio provides an overview of “The New Communication Revolution”, an introduction to Teams navigation and usage, and provides tips to help drive adoption within your organization.

Introduction to Incident Response Plans

Suite3 President Dave DelVecchio discusses the Incident Response Plan followed by Suite3 when investigating an Indicator of Compromise as well as Containment, Eradication, and Recovery steps of an incident, whether that incident were to occur at Suite3, or at any Suite3 client